Two color mold

double shampoo lids mold
2k cap mold
2 component toothbrush mold
2k toothbrush mold
2k rubber gasket mold
2k o’ring mold
two color  nebulizer mask
2k medical mold
2k stationery mold
2 component coat stand
2k homeware mold
double finishing box mold
2k storage box mold
2 component ice cube box
2k kitchenware mold
2k fresh box
2k fresh box mold
double mold plastic tumbler
2k mug mold
2k serving plate
2k dish plate mold
two color bowls salad
2k salad bowl mold
two color pitcher jug mold
2k pitcher jug mold
plastic drainer injection mold 2k
2k drainer mold
folding bathtub two color mold design
2k baby parts mold

3 shot swimming goggles
2k personal supplies mold
multi shot safety helmet
2k safety tools mold
2 component junction box
2k electric parts mold

Focare Mould Co.,Ltd.


Leading by Taiwan boss, we focus on mold construction design, and invited precision mold makers from Guangdong, strictly control molds accuracy and delivery. Experienced sales engineer and technical engineers, guarantee services of your mold custom before & after.

Focused factory

Control landed area of each facility workshop, we specified no. of customers of each facility, which not only allow us to focus and quick respond to customers’ needs, also allows each workshop to pay more attention to the mold custom as customer required.

Invest in technology

We nearly invest in top quality turnable machine 550T with the third injection unit on the opposite side of operator. The precision equipment guarantee our two color molds in quality and delivery. Making our double injection molding Turnkey solution complete and successfully.